Salvage Solutions


Salvage Solutions is based in Southern Alberta and has been in operation since 2012. We help landowners to address issues with aging agricultural buildings and provide quality reclaimed building materials and décor to residential and commercial clients.

Our vision is that as many agricultural buildings as possible be restored and repaired. And that the materials from the buildings that can’t be saved -- be salvaged and re-used.

From barnwood to dimensional lumber, we have respect for the uniqueness and history of the material, and with each nail that is pulled we are reminded that this is wood with a story to tell.

Landowner Partnerships

Having grown up on a mixed farm in Manitoba I learned at a young age that there is a future use for everything – sometime down the road. Eighteen years as a grazing management specialist took me down a lot of gravel roads to a lot of farms and ranches in Southern Alberta. What I came away with in early 2012, was a sense that something had to be done to preserve the agricultural buildings that still had a roof over them and a foundation under them. Sadly, these buildings are scarce and as a result, many of the buildings are too far gone to restore. As a result, we are often in recovery-mode.

In the past three years Salvage Solutions has worked with over 30 landowners. Our first step is to sit down with landowners to learn more about the history of the buildings, as well as the immediate and long term goals of the landowner regarding these buildings. Many landowners have recounted stories of being approached by outfits wanting to remove ‘some’ of the materials and in the end they are left with a big mess to clean up. We don’t work this way. We recognize there is value in old buildings and just because they may or may not know the true value, this is not a reason for them to be taken advantage of – in our books that is stealing.

The goals of landowners as partners in the project are important to us, and act as a guideline for our activities while we are working on their property. Our agreements with landowners are tailored to each situation, and we suggest you contact us directly to begin a conversation.

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