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Salvage Solutions is based in Southern Alberta and has been in operation since 2012. We help landowners to address issues with aging agricultural buildings and provide quality reclaimed building materials and décor to residential and commercial clients.

Our vision is that as many agricultural buildings as possible be restored and repaired. And that the materials from the buildings that can’t be saved -- be salvaged and re-used.

From barnwood to dimensional lumber, we have respect for the uniqueness and history of the material, and with each nail that is pulled we are reminded that this is wood with a story to tell.

January 2017

Taking the bull by the horns in 2017.  A client in Okotoks, Alberta puts the finishing touches on his feature wall.  Red grey barnwood mix recovered from granaries due to be demolished in Central Alberta -- including bin #12. 

Open shelving

This shelving is made from 2 x 8 Douglas fir salvaged from a barn in Milk River, Alberta.  Top suface sanded and clear coated to a natural smooth finish.   Palm sanded and distressed on 3 sides with white paint.

Photo credit:  Candice McEachren

Photo credit:  Candice McEachren

Milk River Material

From our recent  Milk River Project - some gorgeous 1" x 12" Douglas Fir Planking.

Milk River Reclamation

With this picture we'd like to pay tribute to a building that has provided excellent shelter over the decades.  The landowner has done all he can to maintain the building but for safety reason she must now come down.   We will salvage all that we can and give the material new life,  for a new owner. 

CPR Coal Shed

This month we were able to rescue material from this dear old building.  At one time it was a Canadian Pacific Railway coal shed, but was later used as a dairy barn.  Time and wind has taken its toll and the landowner had to make some hard decisions about the building.  It was slated to be pushed into the burn pile, but in partnership with the landowner, we were able to recover most of the wood and hardware from the building. 

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