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Salvage Solutions is based in Southern Alberta and has been in operation since 2012. We help landowners to address issues with aging agricultural buildings and provide quality reclaimed building materials and décor to residential and commercial clients.

Our vision is that as many agricultural buildings as possible be restored and repaired. And that the materials from the buildings that can’t be saved -- be salvaged and re-used.

From barnwood to dimensional lumber, we have respect for the uniqueness and history of the material, and with each nail that is pulled we are reminded that this is wood with a story to tell.



From barnwood to dimensional lumber, our materials reflect the rural nature of our business.

Our customers are committed designers, builders and homeowners who see the value in using materials that “we just can’t make anymore.” How these materials are integrated into individual projects, new construction or design features are as varied as our clients and the materials themselves.


We carry a wide selection of weathered barnwood (predominately Douglas fir). Most of this barnwood has been distressed, over decades by sun, wind and rain. A variety of patinas and colours are available. Please contact us for current inventory details.

Barnwood sells for $8.00 per square foot for orders over 100 square feet. Feature wall packages with mixed selections of barnwood available. See décor.

Dimensional Lumber

Predominantly Douglas fir originally harvested and milled from the Southeast slopes of the Rocky Mountains, Porcupine Hills or interior British Columbia. This lumber comes in a variety of dimensions and patinas. We typically have 2 x4 – 2 x 12 up to 4 x6 in stock. For larger pieces see Timbers and Thick Planks. All dimensional lumber is priced by the board foot.

Dimensional lumber is priced at $4.50 per board foot for orders greater than 400 board feet.

A board foot is a measure of volume. For example one board foot equals a piece of wood 1" thick x 12" x 12".
There are many online calculators available to help with conversions.

Planks + Boards

Predominantly Douglas fir reclaimed from walls and roofs of historic barns, houses and granaries. Sizes vary but are mostly 3/4-1" thick and 4–12" wide. Mostly used for shelving and cladding. Priced per item

Metal + Hardware

Distressed metal panels, corrugated roofing and antique pressed ceiling panels available. Other items include: door knobs, hinges, frames, brackets, and welding shop artifacts.

Timbers + Thick Planks

Original timbers and thick planking reclaimed from deconstructed grain elevators and large structures. Predominantly Douglas fir. Sizes vary from small (4”x 6”) to large (12” X 16”).

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